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Is 2020 Your Year To Start A Business & Launch Your Big Idea To The World? 

Join me inside Marie Forleo's B-School program for a complete experience that takes you from idea to launched this year. No more excuses. No more going it alone. Get the mentorship, strategy and guidance you need to make it happen!

Show Me The Bonuses!

Get The Strategy & Support You Need Inside The B-School Program and Beyond

B-School is an amazing program on its own. The modules build upon themselves in a way that helps you build your business step by step. 

Having a guide, mentor, and someone with detailed knowledge of the program, how to apply each lesson, and then transition to selling your products & services is critical.

Here's why you'll have an advantage over others going through the work alone, if you choose to work with me!

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Who Am I?

The short version is that I help people launch. People who are impact-driven, freedom-seeking entrepreneurs from different industries and creating different things!

Some of the things I've done in the past 10 years...

My program Fearless Launching has been helping business owners launch since 2012.

I'm the host of the 5-year running and Forbes mentioned podcast, The Fearless Launching Show.

Over the years, I've helped people like Marie, Denise Duffield Thomas, Jonathan Fields, Laura Roeder, and Hilary Rushford launch their products and services.

I reached my first 6-figures in the first year going solo in my business and I've never looked back.

None of the above would have happened if I hadn't taken the leap into launches and worked from the beginning with Marie Forleo's B-School.

And I like to help you do the same!

If you'd like to read more about my B-School journey over the past decade, click on any of the links below:

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Behind The Scenes: All The Things You Need To Keep Doing Even After Your Business Succeeds (my interview with Marie Forleo)

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Let's Work Together Over The Next 8 Weeks Inside B-School




When you enroll in B-School, I’m going to take you behind the scenes and give you first dibs on a workshop called, “Creating Timeless Offers.” 

This workshop will give you the ins and outs of making sure your courses, products, and services stay relevant and timeless. 

In addition to helping entrepreneurs like Marie Forleo, Denise Duffield Thomas, Laura Roeder, and Jonathan Fields launch their products and services...

I've been behind the scenes improving products, suggesting updates, and developing a framework to update almost any type of offer--a course, a book, a service…and you get first dibs on this -- if you enroll in B-School by Friday, February 21 at 3pm PST. 

The LIVE workshop is scheduled for the end of May right after you graduate B-School--and you’ll have access to it for life (along with any updates).

Plus You'll Also Become Eligible For These Additional Bonuses When You Enroll For Marie Forleo's B-School 2020

Bonus #1 Fearless Launching (Value $997)

Once you finish will get access to the program, all updates, and an invite to our private community.

Fearless Launching is an 8-week course and community that teaches you the ins and outs of launching your first or next product/service.

You'll get lifetime access to all Fearless Launching materials, membership to the Fearless Launching community, and you'll be invited to participate in all future live rounds of the program.

This bonus is perfect for you if: you want a course specifically about launching, want personal interaction and coaching with me (someone has worked behind the scenes on some of the biggest launches online)...

Bonus #2 Launch Mapping Bundle (Value $197)

Strategy only gets you so far if you can’t actually implement and get the work done.

Just like Marie talks about in the Follow Through Formula (one of the bonuses inside B-School), you have to put a date (or several dates) on the calendar to make it happen. 

You get instant access to my proven launch mapping method for planning promotions and all marketing campaigns in your business.

It’s the same one I’ve used for years with clients like Marie Forleo, Jonathan Fields, Laura Roeder, and Denise Duffield Thomas…

Bonus #3 Mentor On Speed Dial (Value $497)

Voxer is my favorite messaging tool and this year I started using it as an add-on to office hours.

I’ll create a group with all of us where you can ask questions, get my personal feedback and advice on everything you’ll be able to connect with others going through with you!

I’ll assign one Voxer day every week and invite you to ask me anything about B-School or Business! This bonus will become live during the Implementation week of the B-School program and last for 4 weeks.

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Here are just a few B-School and Fearless Launching Grads

Do you want to read more stories, case studies, and watch videos of other recent graduations of B-School? If so, click the link below and you'll be taken to an interview search of the diverse B-School community.

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Got Questions About B-School and my Special Bonus Package?

Here are some common questions, you might have about joining B-School, my special bonuses, and what kind of support I'll provide you. If you have additional questions not covered here, email us at

Join me inside of Marie Forleo's B-School

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 *All bonuses described on this page are only available during Marie Forleo's open enrollment for her B-School program from February 13, 2020 through February 28, 2020.   

We value your privacy and would never spam you.

TERMS: Please read these terms to understand what you’re getting and what I’m giving!

Receive Fearless Launching and other listed bonuses for free when you enroll in B-School via the link on this page once B-School opens for enrollment.

If you enroll from an email link or any other link on the web we’ll be unable to track you, and therefore cannot grant you access to Fearless Launching.

This bonus only applies to B-School students in good standing – if you refund B-School or become behind on your payments, your Fearless Launching access will be revoked.

Please be aware that I’m a promotional partner and affiliate of Marie Forleo’s B-School program and if you purchase through any of my referral or affiliate links, I will receive compensation for sending you in their direction. This compensation is at no additional cost to you.

That said - I never recommend programs, products or services that I don’t believe in myself and the B-School community already speaks for itself too!

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