Ready To Map Your Next Launch Schedule (AND your next 12 months)?

This one-two planning punch will give you the tools and the wisdom to map out your next launch, create a realistic launch schedule AND create a map for your next 12 months...

Whether it's December or June...



Want a profitable launch? Are you ready to stop flying by the seat of your pants every time you launch?

You may not like putting dates on a calendar. And that's okay. This workshop will help you create a launch map (which includes a launch schedule)! 

Behind every successful launch I've worked, there's been a clear, well-thought out plan.

Before the product was finished.

Before the partners were contacted.

Before the open cart date was defined.

Before the team was assembled.

The launch plan and launch schedule served as the guide for everything and everyone working on the launch.

If you've got 6 weeks or more before you want to launch a product or service online now, this workshop is for you.

You'll also get all the resources I know you'll want and need as you dig into your own planning, including my own launch schedule secrets.

Here's a peek at we cover in this workshop:

  • Why Planning Is Important How far in advance is just right for you
  • Tools I recommend for planning out your launches
  • Common launch scenarios and schedules
  • How to set the main dates of your next launch
  • Guidelines for breaking down a project or a launch
  • How to stay on track secrets - for when you're launching alone or working for a team, for a client.
  • How long things take for real and the art of padding the schedule - stuff that needs to start early, what to skip, what to avoid.

What you'll do during the training:

  • Set all your big launch dates and LOCK them on the calendar.
  • Brainstorm which strategies you'll include in your launch plan.
  • Decide what you'll do starting today to prepare for your launch.
  • Break down your project and determine weekly deliverables so you know what to do with every single week with your launch.
  • Complete a simple project breakdown and calendar for a sample project that includes webinar, Facebook ads, members area - online course creation

What you'll also receive:

  • 30 minute launch plan worksheet
  • Example launch scenarios - and example calendars
  • launch templates for Google Sheets, Asana, and Trello
  • How to videos for each platform - bite sized trainings

I work with my clients one on one to do this same work, but wanted to make the process of you putting a launch map and plan something you make a priority!

So after just a few hours of time, you'll have a completely laid out plan for how you'll get things done...


If you've been working from launch to launch...with no real plan or map to follow from one to the next...

It's time to map out your marketing for the next 12 months.

Create a 12 Month Marketing & Launch'll always be months ahead of your next launch.

Stop working launch to launch.

Map out your vision for the year, your launches as well as smaller campaigns.

Ready To Launch Smarter?

Click the button to get the training program now and start mapping out your next launch right now. Everything you need is here right now.


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