What would a successful launch mean to your life?

Income for your family? Renewed sense of self worth + confidence? Respect from your parents or your significant other? Freedom from the corporate world or a dream fulfilled to work for yourself?

Have you been stuck in the cycle of coming up with great ideas, developing them into an outline or a few videos… or maybe even completed products, but then have NO IDEA what to do next?

I’ve put together this easy resource page to get your head in the launching game.

You’ll get a few things you can take action on right away.

Let’s get to the goods.

Here are answers to the most common questions about launching…

When you talk about launching — you can talk about the big picture work and the close up work.

First – here are some of the big picture concerns people have when they’re about to launch.

You’ll learn why it’s important, why it seems to be so stressful… and what needs to be in place before you embark on any type of launch–big or small.

Why is Launching so important?

Why is launching so stressful and overwhelming? Just thinking about it makes me freak out!

What systems do you need in place before you launch?

How do I know people are even interested in what I want to launch?

The proof you need to launch now – even before you think you’re ready

But what about the MOVING PARTS of your launch?

Even if you’re not sure yet when you’re going to launch, how to launch, you can do some very simple things to get your website ready and to start getting people primed to hear about what you want to release.

Get your about page aligned with your business

Start an interest list and invite people to sign up to it

What to do first + getting your launch off the ground

Your Next Step

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