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Imagine what it would be like to have a partner in your success. Someone to help you walk through your launch, step-by-step, to achieve your goals. No more going it alone – and NOT getting the results you want.

Launches are a big part of getting your business to the next level, to say with a loud mic “Here’s what I’m all about and this how I can help.”

When done correctly, the launch of a new website, product, or service can easily take your business from an idea or dream to a reality, allow you to be seen as the leader in your industry, and help you start making money–because let’s face it, money speaks volumes and proves that you are indeed in business!

I should know. I have been at the helm of some of the biggest online and offline launches, and understand every moving part to a successful launch – from overall picture to individual tasks – I know how they all work to make a launch a success.

Here’s another thing I know.

Launches can feel very OVERWHELMING with a capital O.

Have you ever felt this way…

  • Am I sending out emails in the right order? Am I sending too many? Too few?
  • Am I using the best tools for my launch? What if there’s something better I can be using?
  • Should I be hiring this part of the launch out? Should I take it on myself?
  • What if no one hits the buy button? Does that mean I’m dead in the water and will have to go back to my day job?
  • I don’t have a big list…is this a big mistake to launch right now?

Stress no more. I created Launch Intensives as an exclusive service to help you create and rock out the launch of your dreams so that you have the confidence it requires to KEEP LAUNCHING.

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"Anne is such a great business brain. I hired her to be my sounding board, launch coach and to keep me sane during a really busy period of growth in my business. I loved our conversations, it felt great having someone in my corner, and with her wealth of knowledge, experience and contacts, I always came away with juicy nuggets to implement. I highly recommend working with Anne if you want to take your launch to the next level. "

Denise Duffield-Thomas
Money Mentor, Author, Chillpreneur

Here’s What You’ll Get With Your Launch Intensive:

  • A complete review of your launch plan & launch schedule, helping you strike a delicate balance between captivating customers and keeping their attention versus distancing them with information overload. If you don’t have a launch plan or schedule, no problem – we’ll get it done!
  • We’ll determine what team members you need – so your launch tasks are done most effectively, and by the right people.
  • We’ll map out your launch email and content sequence – you’ll learn how to build the tension, intrigue, and irresistible desire for your product or service.
  • My go-to launch resources, tools, and talent to make your launch well-executed, and stress-free!
  • After our session - I'll be a phone call away via Voxer.
  • Plus – you’ll get a complete action plan and step by step guide on how to get it all done without breaking a sweat!

Here’s How To Get Started:

  • Click the button below, sign up for a single launch intensive. If we choose to work longer together, I'll apply that to whatever we discover on the call.
  • Complete the on-boarding questionnaire we send you.
  • After our session, you’ll receive your launch action plan complete with all the resources we determine during our call – and then some!
  • To ensure the launch train stays on track, we’ll schedule a 30-minute follow-up session 30 days after our session to see if anything needs tweaking or changing.
  • And...I'll be there for you - so you can Voxer me for a month to give you support throughout your launch

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Once we’ve processed your payment, I'll get in touch with you for the next steps. This information helps both of us figure out exactly what we need to dig into first.

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Fearless Launching Signature Training

Learn how to bring all the moving parts of a launch together — including your confidence to do a launch in the first place. You’ll get instant access to all the checklists, templates, swipe files and more that I’ve used on launches ranging from ebooks and new blogs to bigger, flashier launches for people like Marie Forleo, Laura Roeder, Jonathan Fields, Denise Duffield Thomas, and more! Learn how to map out a realistic launch plan from start to finish.

The Truth About Teams

Get this video master class on how to be an awesome boss, and download my go to list of team building resources. Not only will you find out when to hire a team, but you learn who to hire, where to find them and my controversial take on hiring a team vs. hiring a VA.

Create Your Launch Map

This bite-sized course will get you started planning your launch, choosing the right planning tools, staying on track from the moment you have an idea to the day your cart opens.


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