Coaches, artists, consultants who want to launch a program or course…

The List to Lead Workshop:

A Live 2-Day List-building Event 

August 19th and August 20th

Create a LIST that turns into LEADS for your next launch in just TWO days! 

(even if you have no list right now, feel completely overwhelmed by tech options, have never launched a program before, and feel worried no one will show up!)

Inside this 2 day LIVE challenge...

I'll walk you step by step through creating the RIGHT lead magnet and attracting people to your list who are already aligned to be your customers so you don't waste any time or money creating freebies that don’t create new clients (just people seeking more freebies)!

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When you enroll in the List to Lead LIVE Challenge, you'll get:

2 Days of Live Training + Q&A

I’ll show you step-by-step the exact lead magnets to create specifically for your launch. Plus, I’ll show you what tech you’ll need, how to set it up, build it, and create a promotion plan in just TWO DAYS so you can start building your launch list.

This live 2-day event is focused on your results - unlike other list building programs that tell you to create all the freebies and be on all the social media platforms, this is a figure-it-out-with-you lab with a deadline + daily assignments to do/complete so you can actually be building your list asap!

Access to a Pop-Up Private Peer Community.

You're not doing this alone! Collaborate, partner, support your fellow launch list builders in this Peer focused community. Slack is my favorite place to connect with my clients and students.

Spoiler alert: Because I love sharing my student’s work, I’ll be choosing from the most engaged members of the group to promote your lead magnets!

Bonus: 7-Figure Launch Communication Strategy

I know you’re going to have next step questions, so I’ve added a BONUS CALL post-challenge to discuss how to create unique stand-out messaging that attracts people TO your offer. 

I will be going over how to use the right messaging for your launch with the lead magnet and list building system you create during the List to Lead challenge so you don’t have to rely on paid traffic or a large mailing list.

The DOORS ARE CLOSED and we are now in session!

Send us a message to find out about future events.

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