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What If You Knew Exactly What To Say To Build Deeper Connections With Your Followers, Grow Your Audience, and Ultimately Make More Sales?

Even after the doors close…

Imagine how different each day would be and how your life could change if you were able to finally connect all the dots, share your message with the right people and have them respond?

Imagine having a complete, understandable communication strategy that could be used for every promotion, funnel, and evergreen product you wanted to create!

One where you would Explore, Introduce, Bond, Convert, and Connect with your customers...

How amazing would it be to impact these people? Imagine the impact and transformation you could inspire?

Imagine for once not questioning what you're saying, knowing that it was never too much, too annoying, too salesy.

And most importantly, imagine using a simple system where you felt CONFIDENT about your offers... because it would feel easy to deliver (and completely aligned with who you are)?

Have You Ever Felt This Way?

"I don't feel very polished or "presentable", and I worry that I'll come across as unprofessional."

"I've had this this dream to create a community and I feel like a failure because its taking me so long."

"I never seem to know where to start the conversation or what to say to people who ask me about my course."

"I keep springing my launches on my audience because I'm afraid they'll get sick of me before I even open the doors!"

"I hate the way my voice sounds and dislike how I look on video but I want to educate using video, and have no experience with video and little tech skills!"

"I'm a writer and *should* be able to do my own messaging but I'm getting tripped up on how to present it in a non-salesy way!"

"I'm not sure I have the energy to keep this type of engagement up! How do I say all the things in a way that still encourages people to work with me and buy my products?"


Your Launch Is A Conversation

You'll have the most success when you follow a framework that also gives you freedom to do it your way, say it your way, and invite the people you want to work with!

Doors open for a limited number of spots in my brand new program soon!

You'll learn everything you need to say, write, and communicate before, during, and after your launch to insure you have the launch of your dreams. 

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- > Please note that this is an online program with some a group coaching element that is only available for specific sessions during the year.

- > We accept only a handful of new members at a time.

- > You must be on the early notification list to hear about the program and our short enrollment windows.

"After I started working with Anne, even my "off-season" launches were successful. All this because I finally learned how to connect and communicate more effectively with my audience!"

JoAnn Krall
The Sensible Organizer

"Early in my online business, I had tried to launch a course and no one bought. So, when I did it this time (even though my big goal is 10 students), I was secretly hoping to get at least 1. And so far I've had 5 people enroll (from a tiny list)!!! I know this would never have happened if I hadn't created an effective content plan leading up to my launch."

Meghan Hartman
Crafting Creative

The Message Lab™

is right for you if...

...You've been struggling to start "talking" about your launch.

...You're never quite sure what to say and when to say it.

...You need a simple to follow roadmap so you're not missing any important "moments" in your launch.

...You struggle with being too salesy or sending too many emails!

...You're afraid of sounding weird or turning people off.

...You're ready to create a repeatable process you can use every single time you launch.

The Message Lab™

Is NOT right for you (yet), if --

...You're not sure what you want to launch.

....You haven't tried launching a program/product/service at least once.

...You don't sell a coaching program, service or online course (or educational experience).

...You want instant results (this is not a one and done online course filled with checklists and done-for-you everything)

...You expect me to have all the answers (I'm you're guide and will give you a framework, but you must do the work!)


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